The Voyager-A was originally built as part of the Montana Project - a project that began once the original Voyager had arrived back in the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet saw the value in the original Voyager with all its modifications and decided that it would be a good course of action to gather all this technology together and build a new generation of ships - the prototype of this being the ship built through the Montana Project.

The original concept of this ship was not taken lightly by the engineers at Utopia Planitia. Merging Borg technology was one thing - since they had prior experience with those systems. However Starfleet's decision to incorporate a recovered Sernaix slipstream into the ship made everyone wary. No one thought the ship would fly. "Fulton's Folly", as it became known was layered with problems from the beginning - from technical and engineering problems, to time constraints.

With both problems coinciding with the installation of the Sernaix slipstream drive, Lieutenant Harry Kim approached the Project's manager, Commander Vargas to allow for Seven of Nine to join the project. He believed that she would be of great help to the project and they would at least stand a chance of making the due date. This idea was highly opposed by Vargas - who didn't want a Borg near the classified ship. Lt. Kim got his way however and Seven of Nine was allowed to join the project.

Things took a turn for the worse however once an old Sernaix shipmind, who nicknamed himself Ozymandias was released into the ship's main computer core through from Seven of Nine. This didn't impress Vargas, who called in Starfleet Security to solve the problem. Ozymandias, however had other plans. For his safety, he exchanged valuable information on the Sernaix and the secretive group Section 31. Ozymandias was permitted to remain on the ship, if only to help out with the engineering section.

With new news of a possible Sernaix attack, Starfleet saw to it that the Montana Project would be completed in time - however a name had yet to be picked. Nearing the project's completion, the head of engineering of the Project, Harry Kim, was kidnapped and taken away to the Sernaix - this prompted the entire Federation to act as quick as they could.

The President of the United Federation of Planets, after hearing Seven of Nine's story with Ozymandias' facts decided against the judgement of the Starfleet admiralty to launch the Montana Project ship before its due date (about 1-2 weeks before) without a shakedown cruise. Its commanding officer would be Kathryn Janeway.

The name of the ship was quickly decided after this - Admiral Owen Paris, Chief of technology at the time decided that it was fitting to name the ship after the one ship it was built because of - the USS Voyager.

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