Class: Node
Length: 730 meters
Beam: 530 meters
Draught: 170 meters
Decks: N/A
Avg. Personnel: 60
Max. Personnel: 1000
Drive Systems: Type-III Sub-light, Type-II Warp, Quantum Slipstream
Sensors: Type-IV
Transporters: 12 Personnel, 4 Cargo, 2 Emergency
Corsairs: 60
Fwd: 1 Kep'Tak'nel, 3 Mark-XII Torpedo Launcher, 11 CB-XI Pulse Cannons, 2 Type-I Beam Emitters
Aft: 1 Kep'Tak'nel, 2 Mark-XII Torpedo Launcher, 8 CB-XI Pulse Cannons
General: 3 Type-II Beam Pods

The Node Ship, the largest of the known sernaix vessels, is primarily a link ship to the "Realm" for all surrounding ships. A single Node ship can dock and link up to 4 Battlecruisers, up to 12 Scouts and hundreds of Corsairs simultaneously.

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