Class: Corsair
Length: 28 meters
Beam: 17 meters
Draught: 11.5 meters
Decks: N/A
Max. Personnel: 20
Drive Systems: Type-I Sub-Light, Type-I Warp
Sensors: Type-I
Transporters: 1 Four Person Pad
Fwd: 1 Mark-IV Micro Torpedo Launcher
Aft: 0

The Corsair is the sernaix version of a combined Runabout/Breaching Pod. These small vessels are capable of phasing through most types of energy shielding. It then backs the aft end up to the hull of its target and the aft spikes merge into its hull locking the corsair's aft end to the hull of the enemy vessel. Then the hull section directly behind the corsair is phased out to let the Sernaix boarding party in, while causing no hull damage to the target.

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