Our Mission

Voyager Virtual Season Project is just that - a virtual season of Voyager episodes to keep fans happy when Voyager goes off the air. Sticking as close to possible as Trek canon, we aim to develop Voyager's mission and her crew further, delving into issues that TPTB were unable, or unwilling, to explore.

The seasons will have an overall story arc, but not every epsiode will be completely devoted to this; we want to see stand alones as well, and would like to hear pitches for episodes from outside authors.

The episodes will be released once a week, at a specified time. (Tuesday nights / Wednesday mornings)

Above all, though, we want Voyager Virtual Season Project to be *fun* - a chance for Voyager fans to develop their own ideas in an environment as close to Voyager's as we can get, without having to pay high production costs or rely on TV stations whims.

And, best of all? No commercial breaks...

Get the word out!

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Thanks a lot for your support!

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