Will there be a Virtual Season 10?

No, it was decided through season 8 that we will not be going beyond a season 9. This is because we feel that the story will be told in 2 seasons. We don't want the project to drag on and become boring.

Will these stories be in print form?

There is currently no plan to release these stories in fanzine or 'print' format.

Will we see the Borg again? / Will you bring Kes back?

We're discussing both possiblities at the moment. There will be notification of this in the future as the episodes come out.

How can you plan a full season without knowing what happens at the end of this one?

Simple, our plot, or "story arc' that we have defined for the whole season leaves room to connect Voyager's ending with our arc. The first several episodes of our season (2-4 possibly) will deal with the repercussions of whatever Voyager left us and connect that with our arc. If you want to keep up with updates, we suggest clicking subscribe on the main page and subscribing to the season 9 update list..

I want to write! What to I need to do?

Authors are, at the moment, being picked by the producers of the project or are being recomended by the writers themselves. We currentely have 1/2 season of VVS9 planned out with authors, all if which plan on writing 1 episode after that one.

I don't want to write, but I want to help out. What do I do?

If you wish to help out in any other way, by contributing story ideas etc. E-mail us and we'll see if we can place you somewhere. Be reminded that this is a huge task, however having too many people working at once will lead to confusion. We're trying to avoid that as well.

I want to write, however I'm concerned with how much story freedom we'll have. Can you enlighten me?

We realize this is a big concern among many authors and we'll try to provide them with as much freedom as possible. We have planned for a 26-episode season, and out of those 26 1/4 roughly will be arc-centered episodes (episodes that will have the planned story arc as the main part of the plot). The rest will be stand alones, however each will have a small portion devoted to the overall plot. Basically a mention, a discovery that ties in with the writer's own plot etc. Character-wise it's just a matter of sticking to the normal characterizations and following the overall story arc for what will happen to what character and when. If you feel your story will fit in better somewhere else along the storyline, tell us about it and we'll solve it together.
Each episode need to be from 70KB to 100KB in length (10 000 to 16 000 words).
How long will VVS9 Run? When will it premiere? How many episodes will it be?

VVS9 will run, by estimates up until October-November 2002. It will premiere on April 10th, 2002 after a 3 month hiatus so VVS9 can be written. This season will quite possibly be longer than the last one, streching into 30-34 episodes. We are planning on doing some 'normal' Voyager episodes during mid-season - so we have accounted for this here.

What are the requirements for submitting a story?

Simple actually! We're looking for good quality writing along with a good story idea. The only thing we're strong on is that the story should be at least 70Kb in plain text format. Anything shorter than that and it wouldn't have room for development we with to see in each episode. All stories, once written should be submitted in text format.

Where will the episodes be posted?

All the episodes will be posted on the website. Back episodes will be found in the 'Episode Archive' under the VVS9 section.

Why a new design for the website? I liked the last one!

Thinkey is a very very very.....creative person. She sometimes expresses this in creating massive new websites and redesigning others. In other words - she was bored.

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